Quitting for a while :(

Thanks to all who have been regular readers of this blog. Unfortunately I will not be posting any more for awhile. Because of the failing economy the media has helped create for us my life is going through changes right now. Because my job depends on the real estate market my income is less than half right now of what it was last year at this time. I have to move from a nice home to a cheap apartment. I've lost my phone and my internet (posting this from work). I don't even know how much longer the company I work for will be in business. I hope to resurrect this blog someday because I enjoyed doing it. I feel the internet has a lot of resources that can help us in our daily lives and I loved finding them and reporting them here for others. Thanks again and God Bless :)



Funny Video Friday - Upside down room

This is pretty cool!


Funny Video Friday - Elevator Classic

Funny Video Friday - Invisible Rope Prank

Amazing how people stop...


Funny Video Friday - I think we're dead

Watch it 100 times its still funny!


Getting In Touch With Your Inner Twitter

Inner Twitter aims to bring peace and healing to our busy schedules. Inner Twitter is a modern day twist on an ancient Buddhist custom that David Brazier observed while in Vietnam. From the site...
I was rereading David Brazier's excellent book The Feeling Buddha and in it he tells a wonderful story about a community where everyone stopped on the 15 minute chime of a town clock to engage in a brief meditation. I thought what a perfect application for Twitter! And here it is. We don't all live in the same village and we don't all hear the same clock, but through the modern miracle of technology we can virtually all pause and truly appreciate our lives, for just a moment.
So now, through the use of Twitter, Inner Twitter sends a chime to the you at the time of your choosing...every 15 minutes, every hour or once a day. Its not an actual is a SMS message that says *chime*. I signed up yesterday for the once an hour chime and I have found Inner Twitter very useful. When working under stress, I tend to become hunched over my keyboard, all muscles tensed and breathing shallowly. Using Inner Twitter reminds me every hour to stretch, take a breath, smile and refocus my energy. Inner Twitter is a moment of peace amidst the chaos of the busy lives we lead. Note: because the message come through SMS you may only want to use this service if you have unlimited texting.



Baddie: What NOT to delete on your computer :(

I'm sure everyone but me knows this, but just in case there is one other person out there who is as big a dingbat as I am, one piece of advice... don't ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER! delete the contents out of the "profile" folder for Firefox. SCREAM! CRY! KICK! I was overworking my poor Mac by filling it too full so I decided to get rid of some stuff and give Mac a little breathing room. I was just deleting away old .zips and .dmgs and such and for some stupid reason I thought the stuff in that folder looked like stuff I didn't need?!?!?! I just can't believe I did it! I lost my ScribeFire and my StumbleUpon toolbar. I had all my bookmarks perfectly organized which I can redo but what kills me most is losing 100 to 150 post ideas I had bookmarked. Oh well, live and learn I guess :)

On the up side, here is a great quote I read on Twitter (follow me) and I'm sorry to whoever posted it because I can't remember who you were but it went something like this...

"How would the you you want to be do what the you you are now is about to do?"
It took me a minute to get it but once I did, it is just stuck in my head and really motivating me to be the person I want to be now, instead of in some distant future that never arrives.



Just Give Me a Minute to Jott That Down...

I love Jott! Jott is an automated voice to text service that allows users to call Jott and easily and safely send emails and text messages, set reminders, organize lists, and post to web services with their voice. I use Jott almost everyday, sometimes more than once. Jott is a like having a personal assistant to keep track of everything you need to do. I use Ping for routine reminders but Jott is perfect for everything else. I have the number programmed into speed dial on my cell phone so I can Jott while driving which is usually when I think of something I need to write down. I push the speed dial button, Jott answers and the dialogue goes like this...
Jott: Who do you want to Jott? Me: Myself. Jott: Jott yourself (beep) Me: Pick Kyle up from football practice. Jott: Got it. Would you like a reminder? Me: Yes. Jott: What day? Me: Tomorrow. Jott: What time? Me: 5. Jott: AM or PM? Me: PM. Jott: Got it. Setting reminder for August 1st at 5 pm.
Jott will then send me an email reminder and about 15 minutes before the scheduled task, Jott will send me a text reminder on my cell phone. Its so handy! I have Jotted errands, I have Jotted phone numbers, I have Jotted songs I want to download...any many more things. You can even set up teams and Jott whole groups of people such as an organization, committee or your entire family. Even more impressive is the fact that you can use Jott in conjunction with other cool web services. There are too many to list, check them out here. I don't know how I lived without it! Remember though that its not perfect and sometimes misunderstands some words, usually names. Also if your driving and you forget your Jotting and a dog runs out in front of you and you call it some unsavory names, you might get a funny Jott reminder in your email...don't ask me how I know ;)

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Funny Video Friday - Paul vs. Tony

Some very cool stop animation with people...



CaringBridge Connects Critically Ill Patients With Loved Ones

CaringBridge is another true goodie for life from the web. CaringBridge is a wonderful site that allows people or caregivers of people who are going through a critical illness, recovery or treatment to stay connected with their family and friends. CaringBridge is a quick and simple way to start a website that helps ease the burden of keeping family and friends informed. Patients and caregivers draw strength from loved ones’ messages of support. Each CaringBridge website includes a patient care journal for the patient or caregiver to blog updates on the latest progress, a guest book for messages from friends and family to the patient, a photo gallery and the ability to make donations. CaringBridge sites are available 24/7. Click here to see an example of a CaringBridge site. This little girl lives in the same town I do. Her and her father and two sisters were involved in an accident and she was the only one to survive.

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You Might Be a Redneck If....

Redneck jokes are ALWAYS funny and BillyBob over at Redneck Laughs knows how to find the best examples of redneck living on the web. You will find plenty of redneck jokes, photos, recipes (ie: Possum Pancakes...ewww), news, videos, game and more with some great mullets thrown in too! If you have your own funny redneck material you can submit it too BillyBob to be added to Redneck Laughs and BillyBob will give you a linkback too. This is a great site to find some humor in life :)


Working Mom's Deserve to Make Themselves a Priority

Well, that's what we've been told but how do we find time between diaper changes, scraped knees, dog poop on the shoes and the boss needing the report by deadline which is coming in 10 minutes? That is where powerhouse Quiana Murray comes in. Quiana is known as The Busy Momprenuers Coach, the Me Time Mentor & Creator of Busy Mom Resources. Her tagline says "Helping you be #1 on your to-do no time flat!" When you sign up at Quiana Murray you with get "63 Ways To Get More Me Time' and a subscription to her "Work It Mama!" Newsletter. Since subscribing and following Quiana on Twitter I have learned a lot of terrific info about how to get through my busy life without forgetting about myself. Quiana has created some great resources for working women/mothers. Check this site out today!


Funny Video Friday - Put Away Your Cell Phone



What's Your Blog Rated?

Check out your blog rating and get your badge. Web Goodies 411 is "G" rated, don't find much of that in the world anymore ;)

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets
OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets


I Am In Love...with ScribeFire

Wow! OMG!! Are you kidding me?!?!? How can it really be this AWESOME!!! Have you tried ScribeFire?!?!?! If you are a blogger and are not using ScribeFire...go there NOW and sign up! Okay, I know, I'm over the legal limit for exclamation points in one blog post but I'm just so excited. ScribeFire is a blog editor in the form of an extension of Firefox. ScribeFire allows bloggers to easily drag and drop formatted text from the Web into their blogs, create links, format text, add images, add videos and post entries to their blog without ever having to leave the page they are posting about. After installing ScribeFire you will see a small paper and pencil icon on the bottom of your browser window. When you click that icon it activates the ScribeFire window and basically gives you a split screen with ScribeFire at the bottom and the page you are blogging about at the top. I have seen some people state they have encountered minor issues when posting straight to their blog. I don't know about that because I prefer to post as a draft to blogger and then go in and upload my images so that they are hosted at blogger and formatted properly for my template. My ability to complete a post has increased at least 100% if not double that. ScribeFire is so feature rich and such a time saver. Loooooooove it!


Bumper Stickers for Your Blog...Pimp That Ride :)

Go here to find some goofy Blog Bumper Stickers to make your blog a little more hip? fun? corny? ;)

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets
Created by OnePlusYou

and many more :)


Old Fashioned Methods Meet Present Technology

Just found this great little idea! The Online Barter Club takes the age old method of bartering for products and services you want and integrates it with Twitter, one of the most popular and widely used social networking sites taking the web by storm. Since Twitter began, it has inspired many, many applications and partner sites. Twitter has sparked a whirlwind of creativity in many people. At the Online Barter Club you simply use the box provided to write a twitt (it says twitt...I thought it was a tweet...umm I don't know proper Twitter etiquette LOL) telling what you would like to trade for what. A search feature is included too. I see a lot of silly fun stuff such as trading a "stumble for a soul" or a "hello for a whazzup" but I think the Online Barter Club will be a valuable site in the Twitter community.


Sextuplets, Cardiac Arrest...and a Marathon?!

Here's a story to inspire you to give up your excuses and get off the couch... Jenny Masche is a beautiful young woman who a year ago gave birth to sextuplets, suffered cardiac arrest during delivery and nearly died. This year Jenny ran a marathon and completed it. Wow! Talk about bouncing back from being knocked down. Click the link to read the full story. Jenny Masche is a true inspiration!



I haven't posted all month because I have been putting my focus on utilizing THE BEST, THE ULTIMATE (in my opinion) "Goodie for Life from the Web" that I have found so far...AND IT'S FREE!!!!!!!! As I stated in my last post, I am good at the internet...I am good at the computer...I am good at my job...but I am NOT good at life. Tools to Life has been helping me overcome that problem. Tools to Life is as their slogan says "Self-Help that works" If you are depressed...if you self-sabotage...if you fear failure...if you fear success...if you have low self-esteem...if you've had trouble finding happiness in your life...go to Tools for Life! Seriously, I have read so much self-help over my life and it has all been great and powerful stuff. I've read through it quickly and then jumped in full force to change my life. It goes great for a few days to a week and then the new wears off or some kind of problem would happen to knock me back down and there I'd sit till I found the next great program. Tools to Life is so different that I have succeeded at getting farther than I ever have. I have completed 2 weeks!!! and am starting into my 3rd. I've had setbacks, I've had obstacles, I've had interruptions and it has taken me 3 weeks of real time to complete those 2 weeks of course time but I'm still in it, I'm still going, I'm still excited! My life, my attitude and my outlook have changed more for the positive in these 2 weeks than any other time in the last 20 years!

The info found in Tools to Life is not some new magical info that we've never heard of. I've read most of the ideas presented before. What makes Tools for Life different, unique and invaluable is IMPLEMENTATION! Tools to Life was created by life coach Devlyn Steele. He created this program though one-on-one visits with clients. Then in his infinite wisdom and creative genius developed an online version so that everyone can take advantage of the change and success he was seeing in his clients.

The Tools for Life site is completely interactive. You have a Toolbox that you visit each day. Each day, in this Toolbox you will watch a short video, listen to a short audio, read a passage, complete short exercises, gain tools for life, train your brain, get tips for progress through the program, get your checklist. The genius here is that Tools for Life is presented to you in a way that encompasses all your senses so that the message is reinforced though visual and audio input. Then throughout the day you will find yourself reinforcing those lessons further because they are attached to everyday habits. Tools for Life is designed so that you cannot read ahead, you cannot go to too fast, you must take babysteps. You log-in, complete your toolbox, answer the coaches question and then click "finished". You cannot click finished without completing all the steps. You cannot move on to the next day unless you have clicked finished the day before. You cannot complete more than one day of Tools for Life at a time. When you click "finished" a timer starts counting 16 hours till your next lesson. This way you have to take baby-steps and taking baby-steps is the only sure way to really imprint the change on your life.

Of course Tools to Life incorporates social networking. The Tools to Life community is full of the most supportive and helpful people you would ever want to meet. You can blog about your feelings, you can post your milestones and achievements. You can ask for help or opinions on things. You can create groups or challenges and invite others to partipate. It really is terrific.

And its all FREE!! You are not hit in the face with lots of advertising. If any, it is very minimal. You don't have to buy a book, you don't have to upgrade to get the full version. There is no gimmick. There is no affiliate program. Its real self-help for real people with real problems. A TRUE GOODIE FOR LIFE FROM THE WEB!


Need Structure? Overscheduled? Too Much to Remember? Go Ping Yourself :)

I am good at the computer, I am good at the internet and I am good at my job...but I am not good at life. I tend to get very distracted by the streams of creativity constantly flooding my mind. For a long time I have wished to find an alarm clock that had multiple settings to keep me on track and help me become a more structured person. I've found something EVEN BETTER! Ping Me is a unique site that makes it easier to keep track of things you need to do - it's mobile and interactive. Create a Ping, set a date and you'll receive a reminder by E-mail or TXT to your phone. Because Pings are interactive, just reply to the message to reschedule if you need more time. You can even create new Pings from your phone or tag your Pings to create to-do lists. I love how my Pings appear on the Ping Me site as sticky notes. You can also Ping your children, spouse, friends, etc.


Feed My Piggy and Get One of Your Own to Win Money)

Here's an odd but fun little goodie :) By registering at Piggy Prize you will receive your own piggy to feed (so ugly that its cute :) Then send your friends to visit your piggy at Piggy Prize with your link. Each visit feeds the piggy and who ever has the biggest piggy by June 15th wins $200. Other Piggy Prizes include 2nd place: $100, 3rd place: $50. 4th to 10th Places: will receive 1% of their visits in US dollars. For example: 1000 visits = $10. They cannot win more than $50. 11th to 20th Places:- will receive 5% bonus visits in the future contests. You can claim your money if you have at least $50. If you did not reach the amount of $50, your money will be kept and you can add to it in the next 3 contests. So please visit my piggy :) and help him grow, then get your own piggy and send your friends.


Funny Video Friday - Hero Cop?


Tame that Childzilla...Old Fashioned Chore Charts with a Web Twist

I love the internet and the more things I can do electronically, the happier I am. The other day I found Childzilla, an online chore assignment, tracking and reward system. Childzilla is also a great tool for teaching behavior management and personal habits. Childzilla is completely interactive. Included is a point based reward system, a calendar function, customizable webpages for each child with kid-friendly games, daily comments field for parents, a “rewards store” and a rewards “wish list” for the kids. The Childzilla dashboard allows parents to assign chores, behaviors and personal habits, determine the amount of points per item, give extra points for extra effort, give encouraging messages, give demerits if necessary and more. I haven't tried Childzilla with my kids yet, since I just discovered it. It may be a little babyish for them since the 2 youngest are 12 and 14 but I think they'll have fun with it till I have money to try the Pay Jr. method (to be covered in a future post) which is more age appropriate for them. I would love to see Childzilla come out with a "Teenzilla" :)


Redefine the English Language to Get Links and Traffic

India Dictionary is a new site that allows to you search for a word in the English language and, if it is available, redefine it by linking your blog or website to it. India Dictionary is giving away the first 9999 words for FREE! After that, each word will cost $1. Each person is allowed 5 free words and then will pay $1 for each additional word. You can also have your word featured on the India Dictionary homepage for an additional $1. India Dictionary accepts payments through PayPal only at this time. As of the writing of this post, 107 words have been redefined. This is a really creative idea. Get your "words" now before all the good ones are taken.


Get Inspired to Lose by Reading About Others Who Have

I love to see before and after photos of people who have lost weight and read the stories of how they did it. Its very motivational. At
The Weigh We Were
you can find loads of motivational stories with before and after pics. You will also find links to over 1000 weight loss blogs and you can add yours to the list. There are video stories too and a message board. Every person has a different story, a different eating plan, a different exercise plan proving that there is no perfect way for all of us. We each have to find our best individual weight loss plan. The pic here is of Maggie Sorrells who lost 300 lbs. She says... "Perseverance is most important. If you mess up, especially in the beginning you're going to slip. Don't say, "I'll start over Monday." Start over right now. The worst enemy is if you give up. What got me to the end, to losing 300 pounds, was persevering. On days I wanted to eat the whole bowl of something -- I had to talk myself through it. The truth was, I really wasn't hungry."

Create Your Own Personal Magazine Covers

Here is a fun website. At MagMyPic you upload your own photo and then choose from 23 different magazine cover templates that place type over the photo. In just seconds I made this magazine cover of my daughter who GRADUATED YESTERDAY!! Its quick, easy and great for blogs, MySpace, FaceBook etc. I do wish that you could personalize the text on the cover but its still a goodie.

She Graduated! I'm So Proud!!!!!


My daughter graduated yesterday!

I am so proud of her!

Its amazing how fast the years fly by. How can she be grown already?


EZGreatLife Giving Away 3000 Entrecard Credits

My blogging friend John over at EZGreatLife is running a great contest to give away 3000ec!! Click on over and enter this contest today and if you haven't before, check out his blog. I read it every day! John gives great advice on family, fitness and finances. He has loads of great ideas and some yummy healthy recipes too!

Contribute to Real Scientific Research by Playing a Game

By playing a computer game called Fold It YOU can seriously contribute to real scientific research in the areas of cancer, HIV, alzheimers, biofuel and more! Basically the game involves "folding" computer models of proteins. From the Fold It site:

The number of different ways even a small protein can fold is astronomical because there are so many degrees of freedom. Figuring out which of the many, many possible structures is the best one is regarded as one of the hardest problems in biology today and current methods take a lot of money and time, even for computers. Fold it attempts to predict the structure of a protein by taking advantage of humans' puzzle-solving intuitions and having people play competitively to fold the best proteins.
Also beginning this summer Fold It will have a feature that allows users to design brand new proteins that could help prevent or treat important diseases!

Here are videos to explain the game. I have not gotten to play Fold It because although they provide both a mac and pc version, the mac version is 10.4 and I am at 10.3 Boooo! I think Fold It is a fascinating bit of technology. The more people we have working on these devastating diseases the better chance we have of finding cures.

Funny Video Friday - Banana Scare

Goofy scary banana :)


Phone Your Phone So You Can Find Your Phone

Here's a very useful goodie for life from the web...PhoneMyPhone Simply enter your phone number, select the number of times to call, schedule the time to call and hit "Call Now". PhoneMyPhone will call your phone at the selected time. I just tried it and it comes up "Unknown". When you answer there is a recorded message explaining why you were called. PhoneMyPhone can be a very useful service. How many times have you had to have someone else call your phone for you so you could find it? Me? Too many times to count :) PhoneMyPhone is a great service for finding your phone, getting a wake-up call while traveling or if your alarm breaks or as the website says "escape boring meetings" and "end sucky dates" :)


Informed Parental Guidance Suggested ;)

I believe it is very important to know what's in a movie before I let my kids watch it. You just can't tell by the rating system what might be portrayed in the movie. Once I rented a PG-13 rated movie and an R rated movie. The love scene in the PG-13 movie was shockingly graphic while the one in the R rated movie began with kissing and then cut away to another scene leaving the details out. Its very confusing and almost every movie made these days says it is rated for either: sexual material, sexual content, sexuality, sexual references, etc. which seems to have a different meaning in different movies. It could range from something as simple as innuendo to a make-out scene to some moaning heard in the background to graphic.... well, you know ;) I just discovered Kids-In-Mind! Kids-In-Mind is a wonderful site to help parents determine whether a movie is appropriate for their children to see by making an informed choice. Kids-In-Mind has reviews for an extensive selection of movies that have been rated according to SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10. Kids-In-Mind also explains in detail why a film rates high or low in a specific category, and they include instances of SUBSTANCE USE, a list of DISCUSSION TOPICS that may elicit questions from kids and MESSAGES the film conveys. Each section tells in detail exactly what kinds of things are portrayed in the movie. Kids-In-Mind is an important parenting resource in a day where even Disney can't hardly seem to make a G rated movie.

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