I haven't posted all month because I have been putting my focus on utilizing THE BEST, THE ULTIMATE (in my opinion) "Goodie for Life from the Web" that I have found so far...AND IT'S FREE!!!!!!!! As I stated in my last post, I am good at the internet...I am good at the computer...I am good at my job...but I am NOT good at life. Tools to Life has been helping me overcome that problem. Tools to Life is as their slogan says "Self-Help that works" If you are depressed...if you self-sabotage...if you fear failure...if you fear success...if you have low self-esteem...if you've had trouble finding happiness in your life...go to Tools for Life! Seriously, I have read so much self-help over my life and it has all been great and powerful stuff. I've read through it quickly and then jumped in full force to change my life. It goes great for a few days to a week and then the new wears off or some kind of problem would happen to knock me back down and there I'd sit till I found the next great program. Tools to Life is so different that I have succeeded at getting farther than I ever have. I have completed 2 weeks!!! and am starting into my 3rd. I've had setbacks, I've had obstacles, I've had interruptions and it has taken me 3 weeks of real time to complete those 2 weeks of course time but I'm still in it, I'm still going, I'm still excited! My life, my attitude and my outlook have changed more for the positive in these 2 weeks than any other time in the last 20 years!

The info found in Tools to Life is not some new magical info that we've never heard of. I've read most of the ideas presented before. What makes Tools for Life different, unique and invaluable is IMPLEMENTATION! Tools to Life was created by life coach Devlyn Steele. He created this program though one-on-one visits with clients. Then in his infinite wisdom and creative genius developed an online version so that everyone can take advantage of the change and success he was seeing in his clients.

The Tools for Life site is completely interactive. You have a Toolbox that you visit each day. Each day, in this Toolbox you will watch a short video, listen to a short audio, read a passage, complete short exercises, gain tools for life, train your brain, get tips for progress through the program, get your checklist. The genius here is that Tools for Life is presented to you in a way that encompasses all your senses so that the message is reinforced though visual and audio input. Then throughout the day you will find yourself reinforcing those lessons further because they are attached to everyday habits. Tools for Life is designed so that you cannot read ahead, you cannot go to too fast, you must take babysteps. You log-in, complete your toolbox, answer the coaches question and then click "finished". You cannot click finished without completing all the steps. You cannot move on to the next day unless you have clicked finished the day before. You cannot complete more than one day of Tools for Life at a time. When you click "finished" a timer starts counting 16 hours till your next lesson. This way you have to take baby-steps and taking baby-steps is the only sure way to really imprint the change on your life.

Of course Tools to Life incorporates social networking. The Tools to Life community is full of the most supportive and helpful people you would ever want to meet. You can blog about your feelings, you can post your milestones and achievements. You can ask for help or opinions on things. You can create groups or challenges and invite others to partipate. It really is terrific.

And its all FREE!! You are not hit in the face with lots of advertising. If any, it is very minimal. You don't have to buy a book, you don't have to upgrade to get the full version. There is no gimmick. There is no affiliate program. Its real self-help for real people with real problems. A TRUE GOODIE FOR LIFE FROM THE WEB!


Need Structure? Overscheduled? Too Much to Remember? Go Ping Yourself :)

I am good at the computer, I am good at the internet and I am good at my job...but I am not good at life. I tend to get very distracted by the streams of creativity constantly flooding my mind. For a long time I have wished to find an alarm clock that had multiple settings to keep me on track and help me become a more structured person. I've found something EVEN BETTER! Ping Me is a unique site that makes it easier to keep track of things you need to do - it's mobile and interactive. Create a Ping, set a date and you'll receive a reminder by E-mail or TXT to your phone. Because Pings are interactive, just reply to the message to reschedule if you need more time. You can even create new Pings from your phone or tag your Pings to create to-do lists. I love how my Pings appear on the Ping Me site as sticky notes. You can also Ping your children, spouse, friends, etc.

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