Flight Tracking...Taken to the Max

My daughter was flying to Oakland the other day and she called to tell me her flight number. I typed it into the google search window because I didn't have anything handy to write with. Then I decided to hit enter to see what I got. I figured it would just take me to the Boise airport but what I got was WAY better. It took me to Flight Stats where I was able to track the entire flight as a cartoon plane flying across a map. It refreshes every 10 seconds, shows 3 different levels of the map and also a stats window. The stats window tells you longitude, latitude, altitude, speed, bearing, distance to destination, distance from departure location and more. I thought it was amazing to know where she was every minute. I have to say though it made my stomach feel a little weird to read that she was speeding along at 511 mph :) Once she landed it told me that the plane had landed and when. I think this is a wonderful resource, it really gave me peace of mind to know where she was and that the plane was ok throughout the entire flight(can you tell I've never flown, or had my kids fly :)



Make Sure Your One in a Million...I am No. 945

Get listed at

I am #945 Million Blog List is conducting an experiment to see how long it will take to get 1,000,000 of the over 70,000,000 blogs in existence to list themselves on their site. They started April 10th, 2008 and currently (as of 8:28 am, April 26, 2008) have 1065 blogs listed. Most of the top 10 spots are reserved for different reasons. Number 5 is reserved for the blog that brings in the most blogs. If your not one of the million...what are you waiting for?

Predictify Update-ify :)

I made 24¢ on Predictify! Hey, its a start ;)
Yesterday I received an email stating...

You made $0.24 by predicting the outcome of:
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are locked in a tight race for the Democratic nomination. Who will win the decisive Pennsylvania Democratic Primary on April 22, 2008?

Your Payout: $0.24 = $0.24 (accuracy and time) + $0.00 (Beginner bonus)
Highest Payout: $8.55

Each user's payout is based on accuracy, level of expertise, and time of submission (earlier is better) relative to other users. The time factor is included to reward predictors for responding early, when there often is less certainty about the outcome of an event.
Visit Predictify again soon to predict the outcome of future events and get paid for being right!
If you don't know what Predictify is, read my earlier post "Predictiy...Resultify...Moneyify


Funny Video Friday

Revenge is good :)


Uber-Creative Living Art Landscaping

WOW! I am so amazed by these trees. I love the people trees with their wild hair and the chair. Go to Pooktre to see his other fantastic creations like a living coffee table and mirror frame. You can even have them grown a custom tree for you and then transplant it or harvest it. I think the live ones are the coolest though.



I just recently found and joined Predictify. According to the site...

Predictify provides a simple, fun way to engage in current and future newsworthy topics. Users can find events that interest them, predict the outcome, build a reputation based on accuracy, and even get paid real money when they’re right! Best of all, it’s free – no points or bets required.

It is kind of fun. Haven't made any money yet because none of the questions I've answered have closed. You have to look at the pot, not all questions offer money. Also there are levels of expertise depending on your predicting accuracy. The payouts are determined by your expertise level. Invite friends and get a 10% bonus whenever they make money. Click the logo above to predictify and be my friend ;)


Satan in a Syringe

I HATE METH...I believe it is one of the most evil forces in the world today. I don't think talking about meth should ever be sugar-coated. The faces on the following video tell the story of what meth does with more impact than any words can say. Show your kids, its good for them to be scared of meth. Make sure they know why they can't try it, "NOT EVEN ONCE". Get more resources at Faces of Meth


Yearblook or not Yearblook

According to their site Yearblook, is...

a contest to find the best blog posts. The best post each day will be compiled into a book (a real, printed book) that is a record of the year in blogs. The Yearblook will be a history of the previous year, as seen through the minds and keyboards of the blogosphere.

Bloggers submit their posts and then readers cast votes for their favorites. The best from each day is added to the book. I think its an interesting idea. One of those great books to read in the bathroom :) full of odds and ends of the previous year. As a graphic design nerd, it freaks me out that their site doesn't have a logo. No branding at all. I kept thinking I wasn't really on the homepage when I was. Also I don't see where it says how the book will be priced or distributed. I get that the bloggers receive recognition and thats a goodie. It just seems weird to me that someone else gets all the profits by using the genius and hard work of the blogosphere. If all or part of the profits went to charity it would make more sense to me. Just not sure....


Menus to Compliment Your Angel Food

Hillbilly Housewife, mentioned in my previous post: Living on Minimum Wage, has taken the time to make monthly dinner menus to compliment the Angel Food packages I talked about yesterday. Each menu comes with a weekly shopping list including any additional low cost items you need to prepare the recipes suggested in her weekly menus. This is a fantastic resource to help you use the Angel Food creatively. Be sure to check out the rest of the Hillbilly Housewife too. Lots of great ideas for saving money and living frugally.


Blessings by the Box - Help for Low Income

If you need help making ends meet, here is a great resource. Angel Food Ministries was started in 1994 by Pastors Joe & Linda Wingo on their back porch in Georgia to feed families affected by local plant closings. Now Angel Food feeds 500,000 families in 35 states! There are no qualifications, minimums, income restrictions, or applications. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Angel Food is available in a quantity that can fit into a medium-sized box at $30 per unit and can be purchased with food stamps. Each month's menu is different and contains quality fresh and frozen items with an average retail value of approximately $60. Generally, one unit of food helps feed a family of four for about one week or a single senior citizen for almost a month! They don't have one in Idaho where I live so I personally haven't tried it but 500,000 people seem to like it :) I think I need to see about starting a distribution here.


A Warm and Fuzzy Feel Goodie to Cure the Blues

While surfing and dropping Entrecards I came across this really cute site...Holy Cuteness, The Cutest Animals You've Ever Seen I was in a bad mood and didn't feel like taking the energy to post even though I've been really slacking off and then I saw this little face and it made me laugh. You can't look at these cute little faces and not smile. Now I feel better and I'm writing a post. Great site for young and not so young ;) Check it out and get you a dose of "feel goodie".


Funny Video Friday



Bling Mom Up - You Can Afford to at These Prices

Great sale at Zales - quality jewelry at great prices. Big big sale!!! Lots of items like these GORGOUS! blue topaz earrings...more, more, more!

Square Blue Topaz Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold
ITEM #: 17523382
$69.99 $35.00
$24.50 in the cart!!

Are You a Tigger or an Eyeore?

Randy Pausch a 47 year old husband, father of three and professor at Carnegie Mellon was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September 2006. By August 2007 he was told that he had 6 months to live. That would have been up in February, Randy is still living and enjoying every last minute with his wife and 3 young children. Randy will die this year, but his legacy will live on. The video below titled "Really Achieving Your Childhood dreams" is known as "The Last Lecture" and is probably the most inspiring thing you will ever listen to. Randy is truly a hero.

I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Christopher Reeve


Feed the Hungry and Improve Your Vocab at the Same Time

I love this site. But beware it can suck you in and the next thing you know you've spent an hour...or more ;) Free Rice is a site that makes vocab learning fun and rewarding. You are presented with a vocab word and 4 multiple choice answers. For ever answer you get right, 20 grains of rice appear in your bowl symbolizing 20 actual grains of rice that will be donated through the UN World Food Program to Help Hunger. Also the more words you get right, the harder your vocab words become. Its a great site for kids or adults. Click on over, donate some rice and become a little smarter today :)


Therapy Dolls for Kids Coping With Hair Loss

Komfy Kids are dolls for children learning to cope with the pain of hair loss from alopecia, cancer or other medical reasons. These dolls are bald and have specially made wigs that fit them. Also part of the cost of Komfy Kids go to the I'm A Kid Foundation who work to increase public awareness of children's hair loss, educate schools, daycares and groups, donate Komfy Kid dolls to those who cannot afford them and offer scholarships to children with medically related hair loss and more.


Earnings Report - March 2008 :)

Ta-da!! My first official earnings report LOL :) Yes, yes I did earn a whopping 19¢ from Adsense for March, my official first month of blogging. I know its not much, but its better than 0 right :) Maybe I can double it for April ;) Thanks to any who read this blog.



Funny Video Friday

Very clever concept... I love this one.



Lets Trade Business Cards...the Technology Way

EntreCard is the business card of the future. A definite goodie! I just signed up today. When you sign up you create a 125x125 ad that you can drop on other members sites and you get a widget to display for others to drop cards on you. The benefits are free advertising, traffic building, networking and earning credits. You earn credits by dropping, being dropped on, by others advertising in your widget and a few other ways explained on the help page. You then use these credits to buy advertising on other blogs. Its perfect for someone just starting out with limited funds for advertising. Look in the right sidebar of Web Goodies 411 and get yours today!


Countdown to Momma Day

Remember Mom with a musical keepsake!

Time to start thinking about the perfect Mom's day gift. If you haven't shopped at San Francisco Music Box before you have to try it. Its definitely one of my favorite web goodies. They usually have some pretty great clearance prices. Right now they have a sale going on with deeply discounted items 50% to 75% off. I think its a great place to buy gifts for any occasion.

Not a Web Goodie....Just Gotta Comment Out of Shock

This absolutely unbelievable, completely unfathomable. 9 children ages 9 & 10 devising a very detailed plot to kill their teacher. The image shows what they brought with them including items to tie her up, kill her and then clean it up. Click on the image to read the full shocking story.


What Will They Think of Next?

A USB pregnancy test?!?!? No its just ThinkGeek's annual silly April Fool's homepage. Always clever and creative. More funny techo-fool's on their fake homepage. Go check it out.

Also if your not a regular reader of John Chow, check out an April Fools post which was actually posted 3/31 to be even more "fooly" :) I wish it was real, I could use some once in awhile ;)

*Update: beware of the post on 4/1 regarding PPC secrets, be sure not to have any other tabs open.

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