Quitting for a while :(

Thanks to all who have been regular readers of this blog. Unfortunately I will not be posting any more for awhile. Because of the failing economy the media has helped create for us my life is going through changes right now. Because my job depends on the real estate market my income is less than half right now of what it was last year at this time. I have to move from a nice home to a cheap apartment. I've lost my phone and my internet (posting this from work). I don't even know how much longer the company I work for will be in business. I hope to resurrect this blog someday because I enjoyed doing it. I feel the internet has a lot of resources that can help us in our daily lives and I loved finding them and reporting them here for others. Thanks again and God Bless :)



Funny Video Friday - Upside down room

This is pretty cool!


Funny Video Friday - Elevator Classic

Funny Video Friday - Invisible Rope Prank

Amazing how people stop...


Funny Video Friday - I think we're dead

Watch it 100 times its still funny!


Getting In Touch With Your Inner Twitter

Inner Twitter aims to bring peace and healing to our busy schedules. Inner Twitter is a modern day twist on an ancient Buddhist custom that David Brazier observed while in Vietnam. From the site...
I was rereading David Brazier's excellent book The Feeling Buddha and in it he tells a wonderful story about a community where everyone stopped on the 15 minute chime of a town clock to engage in a brief meditation. I thought what a perfect application for Twitter! And here it is. We don't all live in the same village and we don't all hear the same clock, but through the modern miracle of technology we can virtually all pause and truly appreciate our lives, for just a moment.
So now, through the use of Twitter, Inner Twitter sends a chime to the you at the time of your choosing...every 15 minutes, every hour or once a day. Its not an actual is a SMS message that says *chime*. I signed up yesterday for the once an hour chime and I have found Inner Twitter very useful. When working under stress, I tend to become hunched over my keyboard, all muscles tensed and breathing shallowly. Using Inner Twitter reminds me every hour to stretch, take a breath, smile and refocus my energy. Inner Twitter is a moment of peace amidst the chaos of the busy lives we lead. Note: because the message come through SMS you may only want to use this service if you have unlimited texting.



Baddie: What NOT to delete on your computer :(

I'm sure everyone but me knows this, but just in case there is one other person out there who is as big a dingbat as I am, one piece of advice... don't ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER! delete the contents out of the "profile" folder for Firefox. SCREAM! CRY! KICK! I was overworking my poor Mac by filling it too full so I decided to get rid of some stuff and give Mac a little breathing room. I was just deleting away old .zips and .dmgs and such and for some stupid reason I thought the stuff in that folder looked like stuff I didn't need?!?!?! I just can't believe I did it! I lost my ScribeFire and my StumbleUpon toolbar. I had all my bookmarks perfectly organized which I can redo but what kills me most is losing 100 to 150 post ideas I had bookmarked. Oh well, live and learn I guess :)

On the up side, here is a great quote I read on Twitter (follow me) and I'm sorry to whoever posted it because I can't remember who you were but it went something like this...

"How would the you you want to be do what the you you are now is about to do?"
It took me a minute to get it but once I did, it is just stuck in my head and really motivating me to be the person I want to be now, instead of in some distant future that never arrives.


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